Train Station Project on 10th and Washington

SOS Marion would like to announce its involvement in the rescue of one of Marion’s finest historical treasures–the old train station located on 10th St. And Washington St. in downtown Marion. This train station was once the hub of train travel through St. Louis, Mo., Cincinnati, Oh., and  Pittsburgh, Pa. before its retirement as a station and its frequent reuse as a hub for several businesses around town.

Significant work would have to be done in order to restore the building back to its former glory. However, it is the belief of SOS Marion that with the proper care and attention, this site could serve as a wonderful resource for the community. Right now, we are trying to work with the Quilter’s Hall of Fame in an effort to save the building from demolition, so that they could provide space for displaying quilts and for classroom use so that the community could become more informed and involved with the art of quilting, something that is ingrained in the tapestry of Marion history. Marie Webster, a famous quilter, was born, raised, and lived here all her life and SOS Marion could not think of a better way to tie our community together than by honoring one of our greatest citizens while preserving a building which has meant so much to the community over all these years.

While the cooperation of SOS Marion and the Quilter’s Hall of Fame has yet to become a definite solution in regards to the salvage of the old train station, we are hopeful that this will be the way to save our prized station and to bring the community together as one. After all, the ultimate goal of SOS Marion is to solidify the community through the continued support of raising awareness as well as bringing different organizations and groups around the community to work together towards a common goal. We love the city of Marion, and are excited to work towards a better future for the people of this beautiful town.

Photo by Jeff Moorehead, Chronicle-Tribune