Save Our Stories 2017 Featured Properties

These properties have been designated as historically significant by SOS and announced at a public meeting at God’s House Ministries on May 25, 2017.

Marion National Bank- center of Marion’s commercial development since 1914 ( below)


Commerical property from 1880’s.

19_Wolfe Bldg

One of Harvey Firestone’s prewar service centers.

20_Firestone Bldg

This house (below) is attributed to Samuel Plato

3_Plato (515 W 5th St)

The structures below are post WW II housing for the GI’s coming home. They are all steel construction.

17_Lustron (3501 S Gallatin St)16_Lustron (4601 S Washington St)15_Lustron (909 W 6th St)13_Lustron (318 E 7th St)14_Lustron (1320 N Wabash Ave)

The three structures below are being developed by Affordable Housing

12_Gallatin (Mecca)

11_Gallatin (Danmar)10_Gallatin (Cecelian)

18_Beatnik's Bldg

Built by the Marks family as a dry goods store. One of the oldest structures on the square.