917 South Adams: UPDATE


Visible change is taking place. The house has a new roof, the brickwork is proceeding as weather allows, the leaded glass windows are being restored, and some temporary fixes are being made on the carriage house.

Currently, the property is being researched for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places. Some questions have arisen about construction and ownership of 917.

For many years it was the home of the JW Stephenson family. The title lists JW’s wife Edith as the owner of the property from around 1910, which is the probable date of construction. This raises two questions:

1. Why Edith is listed as the owner years before JW death? This was not a common practice in the early 20th century. Was the house a gift to her?

2. Who was the contractor? Is this a Samuel Plato house?

Please let us know on this page or respond privately on sosmarion..com. We need information, not guesses, please.

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