April 27, 2019 Marion’s housing diversity or lack thereof is mapped in New York Times article  “Neighborhood Is Mostly Black:The Home Buyers Are Mostly White.”  An important look at Marion. Scroll down for interactive map of Marion.

Click here for Marion map

December 05,2018 Update: In the matter of 507 W.Spencer Ave Marion, IN.Owner Scott D. and Rosalyn Turcott. The Board of Works condemation of this property remains in effect. As of December 5, the owner Scott Turcott has requested an appeal.

November 05, 2018  In the matter of 507 W. Spencer Ave. Marion, IN. Owner Scott D. and Rosalyn Turcot: The recommendation of the Building Commission for the demolition of the above-listed property was approved 3- 0  ( one abstention). The property owner has 30 days to appeal this action.

July 16, 2015 Indiana Landmarks Event Explores Marion’s African American Heritage

April 15, 2015, SOS Plans for Preservation Month

October 14, 2014, Saving Marion’s Golden Age

September 2014 mention on WBAT

May 2014 Chronicle-Tribune op/ed

May 2014 coverage in The Herald Press on Save Our Seven announcement

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