The Most Modern Hooks Drugstore in Marion: Every Building Tells a Story

July 4th, 1940 the most modern Hooks drugstore in Indiana opened at 4th and Washington Street in Marion, Indiana. The exterior of the store was constructed of structural glass and stainless steel. The soda fountain was 36 feet long and was equipped with modern refrigeration and sewage disposal. The right side of the store was for cosmetics and general merchandise displayed in mahogany and white cabinets. Store manager B.F. Pulley announced the completion of the store by Bowman Construction at the cost of $35,000. The store was air conditioned to “a comfortable 70 degrees in hot weather. William Feightner did the electrical work. Lininger and Company was the plumbing contractor.
from Marion Chronicle July 5, 1940
William Munn “Moments in Grant County History” WBAT 1400 AM

Is the American Dream Alive in Marion/Grant County?


By Bill Munn

What are the outcomes for children raised in our community? Will they earn more income than their parents? Is the American Dream of upward mobility possible for our children in Marion/Grant County? What are the factors affecting this dream? In what ways is our community fostering or hindering this goal.

The Opportunity Atlas is a product of  Opportunity Insights a collaboration between Harvard University and the US Census Bureau  whose mission is to “…develop  scalable policy solutions that will empower families throughout the United States to rise out of poverty and achieve better life outcomes.”

The information provided by the Atlas is designed to gather data down to the street level, conduct research, study policy, and aid local communities in identifying needs and constructing scalable programs seeking to revive the American Deam.

The URL is provided below. It is user-friendly take a look at where you live, you may be surprised.



A Brewery for Marion?


Patrick Henry beer – A part of Marion’s Heritage

“Patrick Henry beer was always made using top fermenting yeasts and almost all the bottles of the beer that have survived can be found with the tag “A beer with an ale base”. The fox deluxe brewing company reproduced the beer for about a decade until they were closed in 1951. Later on in 1982, the interest of beer again started to spread through America and Grant’s Brewery Pub was opened, which revived the early American breweries. They also manufactured some of the recipes that were available from Patrick Henry’s tavern and from then on, the Brewery industry in America has seen a continuous growth. The brewpub has been replicating these sensational recipes. Famed recipes like Patrick Henry’s Malt Liquor and the famed beer with the Ale Base are also being manufactured and have an all time high popularity.”

Article Source:

The article below discusses the economic benefits of brewing.

“The Power of Small”: Lagro saves historic structures


(Photo: Christopher Walter)

Indiana Landmarks and residents of  Lagro have succesfullyworked through their local Community Foundation in order to restore three significant buildings in their downtown. SOS Marion is a proud affiliate of Indiana Landmarks who have provided valuable support and information in our efforts to encourage our work in restoring Marion’s historic structures.

See the article from Indiana Landmarks here

Save Our Stories 2017 Featured Properties

These properties have been designated as historically significant by SOS and announced at a public meeting at God’s House Ministries on May 25, 2017.

Marion National Bank- center of Marion’s commercial development since 1914 ( below)


Commerical property from 1880’s.

19_Wolfe Bldg

One of Harvey Firestone’s prewar service centers.

20_Firestone Bldg

This house (below) is attributed to Samuel Plato

3_Plato (515 W 5th St)

The structures below are post WW II housing for the GI’s coming home. They are all steel construction.

17_Lustron (3501 S Gallatin St)16_Lustron (4601 S Washington St)15_Lustron (909 W 6th St)13_Lustron (318 E 7th St)14_Lustron (1320 N Wabash Ave)

The three structures below are being developed by Affordable Housing

12_Gallatin (Mecca)

11_Gallatin (Danmar)10_Gallatin (Cecelian)

18_Beatnik's Bldg

Built by the Marks family as a dry goods store. One of the oldest structures on the square.