The Program

Historic Preservation can be approached from many directions and can positively impact a community such as Marion in so many ways. SOS – Save Our Stories, Inc. quickly realized we needed a way to focus our energy and hone our message to be most effective. We wanted to find a way to raise awareness about places in our community and the rich history they represent, especially ones that we risk losing to damage or demolition if creative solutions are not found.

In May — National Historic Preservation Month — SOS announced its first list of endangered properties which we feel merit particular attention. Twelve sites were nominated and many aspects of both the nominees’ significance and level of imminent risk were considered before we chose the seven buildings we believe are in most urgent need. Dubbed Save Our Seven, this list includes commercial and former municipal buildings, private residences and a church rectory.

Watch WIWUTV51’s coverage of the Save Our Seven project here.

Save Our Seven highlights the historical significance,  architectural design and many stories that have been associated with these buildings. We hope that by helping to secure and protect these historical gems we will contribute to Marion’s revitalization and ensure that future generations can enjoy their beauty and significance.

View 2014’s list of Save Our Seven here.

In addition to the Save Our Seven list,  we are maintaining  a watch list which currently contains the remaining five nominated sites. This list may grow as more at risk properties of historic interest are brought to our attention.

 View our current watch list of sites to keep our eyes on here.

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